Eminem eats Bruno right out!

Mmm, delicious

Some things we couldn’t help but notice when Sacha Baron Cohen in full Bruno mode dressed as an angel in a jockstrap, descended into Eminem’s lap at last night’s MTV Awards.

1. What a nice bottom that Mr. B. Cohen has. Is it wrong that we find him sexy? Even as Borat in a mankini?

2. How little sense of humour do rappers have? With all his comedy jibes at folks in his videos, you’d have thought that Eminem could have come up with something a little less hissy than walking out. Twat or homophobe? Or homophobic twat? Or twattish homophobe?

3. What a good aim those wire operators have.

Jump ye jumpe to see an even better picture of Bruno’s arse (we would, we SO would) and to see a video – filmed off someone’s telly – of the entire incident.

And no, we don’t think it’s a matter for the police.

Owcha magowcha
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3 comments to “Eminem eats Bruno right out!”

  1. That was so delicious, I have gained like, 10 pounds just watching it. Furthermore, is it wrong that I find him dressed up as Ali G incredibly do-able? Or is it Richard Madely AS Ali G? Or just Richard Madely? I used to be indesicive, but now, I’m just not so sure.

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  2. HIGH-larious. Eminem is a humourless twat.
    And I’d do Richard Madeley, dressed up or no.

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  3. I may never stop laughing at the reaction of Eminem’s body guards.

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