Naked boys. Singing. Oh, it must be Naked Boys Singing!

Off! Off! Off! Off!

You know what it’s like at the theatre: you sit there for three hours hoping against hope that they’ll stop talking and someone will get his cock out… Or is that just us?

Well, in The King’s Head’s new production of Naked Boys Singing not only is dialogue kept to a strict minimum – what with all that singing – but not one but SIX lads all get their cocks out! Live! On stage! In a small theatre so they are sometimes inches from your nose! In fact, you can sometimes feel the breeze as a knob swings by!

But it’s not just for the cock that we’d recommend a quick 19 bus up Upper Street to The King’s Head. No, there’s also arse. And balls. And underneath areas.

And it’s all done very cleverly, with songs about attitudes to nudity – gays gazing across at other gays in windows, nude cleaners, circumcision – and a general tease to start with then, when the kit comes off, some rather energetic dancing, brave when you think you have a room of people waiting to look up your arse.

Nice and short (the play, not the actors…) it’s a fun night out. And if anyone asks what you did over the weekend you can just say, ‘Oh, this theatre thing in Islington’ instead of ‘Looking at boys’ knobs’. Just for a change!

Buy your tickets here.

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2 comments to “Naked boys. Singing. Oh, it must be Naked Boys Singing!”

  1. Ooh, I saw this. It was fun actually. They come out and you’re undressing (some of them) with your eyes. And then they get undressed and you can sit there and watch their bollocks bouncing as they danced. I found it fun and a little fanny-tingling.

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  2. I fucked a NBS boy in a backroom in New York one time.

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