Frenchies. Walking about. Naked. Who do they think they are? Lisa Stansfield?

Square pants!

No, they’re not square pants – a la Spongebob – it is a lozenge (not one you can suck. Well, not without permission) to hide this nice Frenchies rudie bits.

And he’s not the only jeune homme to be wearing one. In this video for an absolutely vile slice of Eurononsense you will see and peruse a fine selection of fine Frenchies walking the streets of Paris (oh, flaneurs! You’ll only get that if you did A-Level French) with their non-square bits out.

That’s it. It’s obviously all been done much better before by Lisa ‘by ‘eck, ecky thump, mine’s a black pudding balm cake’ Stansfield only she doesn’t have such nice tits. See both examples over the jumpsicle…

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2 comments to “Frenchies. Walking about. Naked. Who do they think they are? Lisa Stansfield?”

  1. I would like to feel the tits on video number one whilst listening to the music of the lady on video number two whilst creating my own video number three.

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  2. Having picked up a bit of the french tongue in my heyday I too j’adore le mot ‘flaneur’ – but the word ‘mec’ actually makes me feel funny inside

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