Posh Boris gets off scot free again!


Scanning the press, we’ve been. Not just for stories of Peaches Geldof having fallen out of a window somewhere very high up. Or Ulrika Johnsson being mistaken for a rhino and getting shot while on safari in Africa.

No, we’ve been interested *pushes half-glasses down nose for intellectual elan* to see how the press would react to the cheating ways of Teflon Mayor Boris Johnson, pictured here sporting all the right anti-gay bullying posters (designed not a million miles away from this very desk), despite being a nasty homophobe who likened same-sex marriage to people being able to marry their dogs.

Anyways, it turns out, not only is he embroiled in the old second home malarky (almost up to his limit, he was) but rather tackily in claiming expenses for a Remembrance Day wreath of poppies. Yeah, why pay for that out of your own pocket, right?

We didn’t see very much in the pro-Boris papers last night (though if it had been Ken, they would be burning his efigy by now) while the little bit in The Torygraph – the paper that has been dragging every last MP through the mud for plugs and moats and gardeners – seemed to simply accept his explanation and move swiftly on.

‘He said the cost of the wreath had been “mistakenly added” to his expenses and he had “happily” paid for it out of his own pocket when it was pointed out to him,’ sayeth The Tele (not to be confused with the telly, which is much more fun). Oh, well that’s alright then. No harm done.


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3 comments to “Posh Boris gets off scot free again!”

  1. Well at least he is not expensing expensive hair cuts. Really it is the silliest hair I have ever seen. Do like the small clown tie (purple) with a nice red hankie in the suitcoat. Red Hankie Boris?

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  2. People asked me why I didn’t vote yesterday and I simply said that all politicians were corrupt. I also said I would only vote when nudity in the workplace was made mandatory – we have some hot post room boys in my building.

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  3. Unfortunately though, many of those who did bother to vote will have done so for the BNP. and you can be sure they won’t be working to make workplace nudity mandatory…

    On a brighter note, Boris in the river was a joy.

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