Brings a whole new meaning to ‘cock-a-doodle-do’…

Doodle pip *waves*So, London. Not short of a ready-decorated bar or two. But it definitely was short of a draw-all-over-and-colour-in bar until last night when some possibly cheenius, possibly just very lazy, or possibly both (Einstein was a big fan of vegging to Challenge re-runs of Catchphrase apprently) bar owners opened DoodleBar in London’s glittering Battersea. Yes the Battersea off-of dogs and power stations. And a bridge.

DoodleBar is just that. A blank canvas bar in which, in between getting twatted on the cheap booze, one doodles. And enjoys exhibitions and screenings – one of which we hear will be hosted by Aunty Viv, and Jamie Johnson, director of the brilliant Sounds Like Teen Spirit. But best of all, it’s not just the bar, the walls and the furniture that is doodleable, the entire waiting staff wear white so you can doodle on them too. Ah, where to draw that CDC (that’s Crudely Drawn Cock to those of you who didn’t go through the British schooling system)? *has eureka moment* We know! An actual cock.

Vitals: The DoodleBar, Ransomes Dock, 33 Parkgate Rd, Battersea, London. Visit for more formation of the info kind.

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