‘Eat my kitty litter Myleene Klass’

Plinky plonky, plinky plonkyRemember the puss that was a fan of tinkling the ol’ ivories? Yes, that one. He became what is known in the business as a ‘YouTube sensation’ – Yes, that term did exist pre-Susan Boyle in the Bag, and yes it was and still is a shit term. 

Well, little piano-playing puss has had a piece of chamber music written for him *realises ‘he’ is a ‘her’… ruminates about it being hard to tell nowadays* by a Lithuanian conductor (musical, not bus, we assume). It seems in between waving a stick about a lot and being Lithuanian, Mindaugas Piecaitis had a lot of Internet-based time on his hands and rather than wanking himself dry like any normal human being, he composed a four-minute homage to the playful pussy. Tis cuteness and light. Really.

Enjoy Aunty Beeb’s coverage of the new composition here, but better still watch the original and best over the jump.    


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2 comments to “‘Eat my kitty litter Myleene Klass’”

  1. Oh thanks for sending the US Mylenne No Class No Talent. Who is hosting I’m a Celebrity get me out of here. Of course she couldn’t even be on the show since no one had heard of her in the US before this. And frankly she she be left in the jungle. Cat Deeley looks like Dame Judy Dench in comparison.

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  2. ‘Man, suck dat shit up Meyleene! I mean the cat shit. Go on, do it. We’ll film you – we know how you’ll do anything to be on TV.

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