Margrit! Margrit!

Smug bitch... we love yaSo The Apprentice ended last night and we couldn’t give a cats barbed penis about who won – although it was Yasmina for thems what didn’t know and will be upset at us spoiling all the fun. We’re more concerned about the fact that Margaret Mountford will no longer be on our telly boxes, not only because the series has ended but because she’s handed Sralan her notice and is buggering orf back to school. Hmm, slightly stretching the concept of mature student one thinks, but who’s nitpicking?

Anyway, boo, hiss is what we would say if we didn’t have a Magnum (of the iced cream variety, not P.I. unfortunately) in our mouth we’d say. ‘A handsome woman with so much dignity, Margaret Mountford your hair is like a cloud. Your lips so red and your eyes strong and proud…’ is what others would say :)

Enjoy some of Margrit’s best bits – by which we mean mainly eyebrows – over the entrepreneurial jump. Ooh, ooh, and let’s have a think about who could replace her. Erm…

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  1. Replace Margrit? Bill Oddie.

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