Step aside, bitch, this is Billy’s moment of glory

'Ooh, did we win?!'Ahh, look at little Elton with his Billy No Mates boys who’ve gawn ‘n’ bagged themselves ten Tony Awards. That’s Tony as in Tone, as in Mortimer, as in the ‘talented’ one from East 17, as in is currently large and red. A tomato of a man you might say. We know, we saw him t’other day out East. See?

So anyway, Tony awards. Billy Elliot. It won ten of them, and as you can see Elton and his hair were very happy about it all. Also in attendance at the eve were Dolly Parton, who sang 9 to 5 avec original cast, Prince who, according to Source, was ‘having a nice time’ and Liza Minnelli who scooped the award for Best Special Theatrical Event presumably just for turning up. Oh no, it was for Liza at the Palace.

So hooray for all things award based and shiny. And Tonys of course. Hooray for them too.

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  1. What is a Billy No Mate and who is that angry man squeezing that boy? It doesn’t look like the Pope, but prosthetics nowadays are superb. Have you seen Ant and Dec? Oh.

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