Heads (or bottoms, etc) up…

We loves a spot o' ruggeryThese ladies, gennels and undecideds or thereabouts are the botties of Oxford University students who’ve done what the world and his husband seem to do nowadays and stripped nuddy for a calendar. Any excuse, eh?

Their particular excuse was to raise moolah for Oxford-based charidee TravelAid, which helps students who volunteer abroad. Read ‘helps privileged types on their Gap Year’.

See more naked bits overleaf, but remember students live on beans and beer and are far too busy socialising for the gym, so Dieux Du Stade it ain’t.

Get back to work Just having a little drinky in the nudey, ok? Ooh, chilly
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2 comments to “Heads (or bottoms, etc) up…”

  1. Christ, if that’s the cream of Oxford uni’s crop I’m glad I skipped school and went straight to managerial assistant at Lidl

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  2. Oof.

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