Return of the Mika… Didn’t really work did it?

New shoesies?You know Mika, who we officially fancy and who probably fancies us right back. Well, he is returning with a new album v soon, which means he is oot and aboot doing the publicity rounds right this very minute. So if you have a sex tape or some such shag’n’tell fun, now’s the time to let the world know. *sigh* If only…

Any road, Mika and his kinky little Louboutin booties have been a-chit-chatting to Aunty Beeb about the idea behind his album, which is ‘pparently all about those difficult teenage years. Hmm. We remember those. They involved a lot of wanking and/or guilt and/or further wanking. So *ahem* different to adulthood.

One song, Toy Boy, “talks about life through the eyes of this little boy doll who wrestles for the affections of the boy that owns him. But he gets rejected and taken on by the mother who turns him into a voodoo doll for his father who has left her.


The album is due for release in September. We look forward to it monsieur, even if our neighbours don’t.

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  1. Oh Mika, j’adore

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  2. Oh Mika, d’espise

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