squinty squintyThis is Leigh Halfpenny. We heart him and his old school currency surname. We hear he plays rugby and has sadly injured one of his beautiful hind legs, so has been what is officially known as as ‘ruled out’ of some rugby tournament or other. But enough of that, let us look and point at some pretty pictures.

Oooh, hug please We like his arms.

Sadly our workie could find no torso. Don’t worry, we punished them for it. But if you spot any on your travels, do post a link. We might even ask you to come and serve us tea and biscuits.

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2 comments to “Rugby-ness”

  1. Look at his nob… bly knees. I make myself laugh.

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  2. MMM those guys sure gave me a morning woody
    ugh u guys have the best looking players not like our(rolling eyes)soccer and football players in usa

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