That Banksy fella really is very funny. For someone from Bristol.

Fag Break in Oils

Oh, Banksy. How we love those funny graffiti things that turn up all over London. You know, the Victorian maid sweeping stuff under a wall. The policemen snogging. The yob throwing a bunch of flowers. The cash machine eating the little girl that the council painted over!

Well, the top secret artist (it’s kind of anti-Warhol if you think about it) has put on his first major exhibition. In secret, of course. In Bristol, where he comes from. And it is rather tee hee.

Apart from this Corot lady on a fag break (we think it’s Corot: our knowledge of post-impressionists has gone right out the window since we got into abstract expressionism), there’s the ‘Way Out Through Gift Shop’ spray-painted on a ‘work of art’, a statue of a lion who has eaten its tamer… oh, tons o’ stuff. Tell you what, why don’t you look at a gallery of the stuff here.

Good idea?

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