Stop shouting! (And pull your pants down)

Let us help you out of those wet clothes

So Mum called and slapped us in the face, at which point we said, ‘No, Mother, this isn’t porn, this is art. His very V VPL is withinside a picture frame and everything.’ ‘Oh,’ she said. ‘You’re right. As you were.’ Then she put the phone down.  

‘Then she called us up again and said, ‘Are you gay, dear?’ To which we said, ‘Yes, quite. Very. A lot.’ Then she slapped us.


So this picture is taken from a VFSI (Very Frightfully [who says ‘frightfully’?] Sexy Indeed) spread at Fantasticsmag. You’d think we had a thing for them.

Oh goodbye.

NB. We realise you can’t get slapped over the phone. This was a metaphorical piece.

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2 comments to “Stop shouting! (And pull your pants down)”

  1. Could that photo be any naffer? That whole desaturated thing with a spash of colour. Ugh. And the frame! Still, the VPL comes up to my very exacting standards, so not all bad.

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  2. he needs to get some meat on him. He’d slip through the drains in the road if he’s not careful

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