Bruce Willis, down The Hoist

Bagsy bottom...

Oh no, silly… it’s palpably Hellfire.

*W magazine calls; puts Cliff Richard record straight; (that record ain’t ever goin’ straight, mmm-hmmmn)*

It’s Bruce Willis and his new missus, Emma, in the July issue of W magazine!

*claps; releases poppers; claps; snorts poppers; gets the clap*

So newly-spruceds Bruce ‘n’ Emm have done an S&M shoot with Steven Klein for W, and it turns us on summat rotten. ‘Specially seein’ as we’re in our post work-out euphoria during which not only was a weight lifted, but it was put back down again. And OCD Man only rubbed himself 1,327 times in clockwise motion in the changing rooms. And then 1,327 times in an anti-clockwise motion.

*loads gun*

So there are more Saucy McSauce pics of Bruce and his lady friend over the jump. You’ll be glad you did, ’cause otherwise those poor children won’t get anything.

Us next, please. This way, sir... W for Willis, willies, wanking, walks in the park and cock.

W Magazine on the interdolly.

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  1. Gramps looks grrrreat!

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  2. It should’ve been me

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