Will we ever get tired of seeing pictures of naked rugby players?

Funny shaped balls!

Well, you know, maybe.

You weren’t expecting that, were you? It’s just that what with Dieux du Stade and every half-ass imitator since, it’s become something of a clee-shay. Obviously, any burly man that wants to take his panties off is entirely welcome in our books/office/caravanette, but maybe a little more imagination might be called for.

The fellas sans lingerie above are rugby team the Harlequins and they appear as part of UK Cosmopolitan’s annual excuse to get men to take their clotheses off in aid of men’s cancer charities. Other celebrities – a boxer, a singer and a movie star – are over the jump. Which you obviously can’t resist…

Gareth of Gates - a one-time pop star Dante, whose knob you saw in the SATC movie A boxer. You need names?
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3 comments to “Will we ever get tired of seeing pictures of naked rugby players?”

  1. Sting would go mad at the devastating scale of deforestation in Gareth Gates’ pubic region – someone’s spent a little too much time touching up his downstairs area

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  2. He never had any pubic hair. What are you on about?

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  3. Exhibit A m’lord

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