If you liked League of Gennelmen – and Dawnie French – you’ll love Psychoville. No, you will. Trust us.


We don’t know what happened to Mark Gatiss. Proabably waaay too busy to be messing around with this. But we do know that the other two of the on-screen Gentlemen du League are back with a new series called Psychoville which doesn’t look like it’s more than a very short Hoppa ride away from Royston Vasey of League fame.

And playing one of the cavalcade of freaks – a hateful children’s entertainer, a telekinetic dwarf, a serial killer obsessive, a blind recluse and, most grotesque of all, Christopher Biggins – is Dawn French of Dawnie French fame. Yay, etc! She plays a twisted mid-wife. We officially can’t wait. It’s on Thursday at the well-past-the-kids’-bedtime time of 10pm.

And if you were wondering about a League of Gentlemen reunion… Oh, you weren’t? Oh, we won’t go on then.


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