Kelly Rowland-ness



Can we just say three things. No question mark.

1) We love Kelly Rowland.

b) We love Kelly Rowland.

Trois) We j’adore Kelly Rowland.

And c) and d)

S’true. Of all the billions and billions of famouses we’ve interviewed over the years – and there’s been a few – Kelly of the Rowling Lands is perhaps the nicest (if any of the others we’ve said this about in the past are reading, don’t worry, you’re still our favourite). Stupendously, ridiculously, white-wee inducingly nice. And she doesn’t punch you in the face when some lame editor forces you to ask the Destiny’s Child/Beyoncé question. And she has silky shiny hair. And she’s kind to trees.

So in the nuttiest of shell suits, here’s Kelly Rowland’s new ditty with David Guetta. It’s called ‘When Love Takes Over’. It’s officially the dancing tune of the summer. We’re officially off our tits.

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2 comments to “Kelly Rowland-ness”

  1. I’m glad you like the Kels.
    *strokes Kelly Rowland’s hair*

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