We only come down the stairs like this when we’re sober.

Steady as she goes...

We’ve often pondered the etiquette of coming down a stair. Two, even.

Daintily, perhaps, whilst wearing crinoline and fanning away presumptuous advances and syphilis. Maybe a bunch at a time, in the manner of a god-bothering triple jumper. Dropped, even, from a very large height, as you would a Geldof. Like Diana, Late Princess of Wales leaving St Paul’s on her wedding day (if only she’d worn a seatbelt!). Or as Diana Ross would, with 21 costume changes – three per step – with the benefit of a wind machine.

Really, it’s a quandary. There’s even a pocket sized manual at every Border’s checkout. It’s the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

This kitty off-of cat, however, has it sorted. See…!


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2 comments to “We only come down the stairs like this when we’re sober.”

  1. Oh, funs indeed.

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  2. haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha oh the hilarity . this is waht life should be like, all the time .

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