Ooh, shoppings.

I'll have 1,742 of them. Thanks.

Selfridges, that is. Today. Starts.

Swallowed Yoda, much?

So we know what we’ll be doing this lunchtime. If we hadn’t spent all our money on booze, those shiny golden coins you get from Liberty, poppers, kittens, the Unconditional sale, the never-never, pounds, shillings and pence, crinoline skirts, knock-off RayBans (we do have the real thing, but we’ve lost seventeen pairs in as many days and there’s only so far momma’s purse will stretch…), Haribo, Boots No.7 Serum, aqua, cerveza, coca-cola, poor people (really. Our friend ran somewhere and everything for them. Whatever for?), Living TV (you don’t get that with FreeView, do you? We haven’t been duped, have we? We’re not homos, are we?), good hair, shorty-shorts, statement socks, Ariel Excel Gel (really does work at 15 degrees! Not that we’d ever be so reckless), just gorgeous things, and c) and d).

If any of our highly¬†covetable¬†homosexual disposable income was left, we’d be there.


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3 comments to “Ooh, shoppings.”

  1. I have also spent my entire month’s budget of Pink Pound on the exact same list. Except my list starts and ends with booze and only has prescription painkillers in the middle.

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  2. You missed off condoms and lube from your list. Or do you get them down the clinic?

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  3. No gay in their right mind actually pays for condoms and lube… that’s God’s tax for straight people.

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