Asymetric screw

Getting in touch with his femme side, this crazy crack whore was picked up by the fuzz (remember that joke? ‘Have you ever been picked up by the fuzz?’ ‘No, but I’ve been swung round by the tits!’), while in the midst of an in-car drugs deal.

He had been having his luxy Diana Ross style hair – lovely, but unmanageable – tamed into cornrows, when the urge for a little sip on a crack pipe overcame him. He dashed out mid-do only to be picked up by the Feds (that’s police, right?), arrested and mug-shotted.

We think the asymetrical thing kinda works. More colour on the lips though.

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2 comments to “Ho-neeeeeey!”

  1. Is it Anita Pointer off-off Pointer Sisters?

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  2. Oh, guhrrrrrrrrrrrl … !!!

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