And if you’re not here, you’re not worth knicker elastic…

Maybe she's born with it...

And when we say here we don’t literally mean Jodie Harsh. Health and Safety, apparently. 

Worritis, is, quite possibly by which we mean most definitely the hottest party of London Pride. Which is next Saturday, the 4th July.

*makes a note of that*

Jodie Harsh (she’s taking over the world, that one! She’s like the drag Tranny Banks. She’s like Tranny Banks) is taking her cheeenius night Circus, to Matter – you know, that club inside the O2 – and it’s set to be a rather spesh affair.  

Already on the line-up is VV Brown doing a turn, whilst DJ-ing comes courtesy of not only yours Harshly (gerrit? No really, gerrit? Surely that deserves the CBE…) but the leg and endary Siouxsie Sioux, as well as Dan Gillespie Sells off-of The Feeling and homosexual, and Frankmusik who’s rather big with the young folk.

Tickets are eight of Her Maj’s English golden coins in advance, or 15 on the door. Or free if you bum the right people. Or just person, if you’re good.

And if you’re interested, we’ll be the ones pissed out of our faces sticking gum in Jodie’s hair. Not really, that’s not hygienic. No actually we’ve changed our minds, really.

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2 comments to “And if you’re not here, you’re not worth knicker elastic…”

  1. Have you seen that northern political reporter-cum-cunt, Gloria Di Piero’s new hair? She’s gone and got a fringe like Jodie Harsh’s up there. Just thought you’d like to know.

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  2. I’m sporting that hair as we speak. For the next hour or so, anyway.

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