So, how is the 02 going to fill 50 nights now that Michael is no more?

Jackson 4

Well, according to unconfirmed reports from those famous saucies, the Jackson 5 with Miss Jackson (if you’re nasty) are going to step in. Well, Michael was supposed to be doing some sort of tour with his bros anyway, so maybe it’s not such a ridiculous idea. And we’d like to see Janet doing some of that dancing and maybe getting a nipple out.

But our favourite unconfirmed saucies at the moment have come up with the story that Jordan Chandler, the kid – obviously no longer a kid –¬†who bagged a huge out-of-court settlement from Michael by accusing him of fiddling (and not with a fiddle) has recanted and said his dad made him do it. Confirm yourselves, saucies.

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2 comments to “So, how is the 02 going to fill 50 nights now that Michael is no more?”

  1. Apparently, when they found Michael’s body he was 8st and bald. Which is both unsurprising and unsavoury.

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  2. I heard that, too, Lu. I also have it on good authority that he was under ongoing treatment for skin cancer *&* that the cancer had already claimed the tip of his nose years ago (not just the surgeries then!). His body was said to be riddled with sores & marks from injecting drugs — legally prescribed, that is, & probably administered by his 24/7 doctor.

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