Jeff Koons at The Serpentine? We don’t mind if we don’t.

Something fishy going on

No, be fair. This is quite funny. It’s called Acrobat and it shows a blow-up lobster balancing on a chair and a waste-paper basket – aka bin. It’s just one of many fun exhibits on show by one Mr. Jeff Koons off-of fucking la Cicciolina. In ceramics.

Yes, the man who brought you that de-lovely porcelain Michael J. Ackson and Bubbles piece has got his own one-man show at The Serpentine, featuring a lot of blow up business like this (there’s quite a funny caterpillar coming through a step ladder and a doggy paddling pool containing some, erm, logs), some photos (a pair of gold panties photoshopped onto some gonks) and some other bits and bobs.

Childish, immature and actually really nice to see, it’s a ‘world beyond taste’ according to The Guardian and it starts on 2nd July. Which is this Thursday coming by our admittedly printed-in-China diaries.

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  1. I find most of his recent work just LAZY.

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