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Gratuitous pussy shot #152636215262

MewThis is Casper the friendly ghost cat who, unlike humans, has a liking for public transport – the number three service from Plymouth to be specific – and has been queuing with other passengers to board this particular bus every morning for months. One source said, ‘Once he gets on he quietly pads around and curls up on a seat for the journey.’ Awwwwwwwwwwwww. *squish squish* Watch Casper’s journey c/o Daddy Beeb after the furry jump. (more…)
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Suck on this, Gok

How you doin'?

We know you don’t really need any fashion advice. In the most stereotypical of sentiments, back-bottom loving gays and style go cock in hand. But while we know you don’t need any help, we thought you might be innerested in the re-print of Hardy Amies’ ABC of Men’s Fashion.

Originally published in 1964, Hardy penned this ultimate guide to mens fash in between writing a column in Esquire and dressing the Queen. Maybe that 8 tonnes of luggage was his doing?! But what were his words of wisdom and do they still apply today? Well… (more…)

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Is this the funniest man in the UK?

Dick.In a word, not a fucking chance.

Forget kiddy fiddlers, The Crunch and the piggy sniffles, the most disturbing news we’ve heard so far this year is that Michael McIntyre’s ‘Live and Laughing’ DVD has become the fastest-selling comedy debut of all time. And then there’s his tour. 300,000 tickets sold apparently… and we weren’t aware there was even a good venue in the Sellafield area. (more…)

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‘So that’s where you’ve been!’

Yay!Well no, that’s not strictly speaking true. We’ve been ‘otherwise engaged’ (read ‘holed up in bed with our new boyfriend doing soduku and reading endless ‘exclusive’ interviews with professional exes Jordan and Peter Andre (Boo, there goes Jordandre™)’, but that’s neither here nor there, mickle nor muckle, Ant nor Dec. The point is that somehow this New York Underwear Run passed us by without our knowledge. That’s right! Hundreds of jiggling cocks. Running by. And we didn’t know about it. But the good news is, now we do, so here are some pictorials. Merriment… (more…)
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That’s a point! If American gays can’t get married or adopt children, can they get a tax rebate? To spend on crystal meth and high fashion?

Kinda ugly

Well, that’s what Marc ‘never knowingly wearing a top’ Jacobs reckons. And he’s prepared an, erm, lovely T-shirt to prove it. Featuring two lipstick lesbians (you can tell because they’re wearing dresses) and a young child (or maybe it’s even a new recruit – you know what them gays is like with training up the baby gays), it proclaims the very fair argument, ‘I pay my taxes. I want my rights.’

‘Cause they never think of that, do they? The bigots? They’re all very ‘why should we pay for this or that?’ when it comes to something that doesn’t DIRECTLY benefit them but they never think like that for other people.

Personally, we would like a direct rebate for every penny spent on faith schools. Don’t see why we should subsidise the system that teaches children that we’re going direct to hell. Let ’em pay for that themselves.

And the T-shirt? Thanks for asking. It’s 100% cotton (no mixed fibres as outlawed by The Holy Book), it costs $24 and it’s only available in Marc Jabobs stores. So now you know.

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Is this the face of the devil? According to the Daily Mail it probably is.

Out satan!

Can you think of anything more damaging to young minds than thinking for themselves? The Daily Cunt can’t.

The Daily Mail is up in (bingo-winged) arms about a new ‘Atheist Camp’, run by – wait for it! – people who don’t believe in the little baby Jesus. Yes, that’s right. People who also do not believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden are being given access to our kids! Why not sell them into prostitution and be done with it, right?

Called Camp Quest – which stands for Question (devil!) Understand (not on our watch!) Explore (pure evil!) Search (what for? The AntiChrist?) and Test (what? Drugs? Bum sex?) – the summer camp is there to let kids decide for themselves what they think is true, whether they think God is likely, look at fossils (plainly the devil’s own work) and perform in Satanic rituals such as rafting and building camp fires.

But let the Daily Cunt support faith schools while getting their dirty knickers in a twist over a bit of harmless fun in the country… until the first atheist bombs a bus, we know which side of the line we stand.

*bends knee, spits host out of mouth, storms out slamming church door*

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Afraid of colour and only got 23 pence to last you till pay day? Best not get one of these £200 colourful suits from TopMan, then.

*pops on sunglasses*

Hello, dolly.

So, we officially like these. Some may scoff – especially the ‘fashion experts’ on the LondonPaper (we were only reading it to see if anybody had spotted us on the number 38 last Saturday and wanted coffee/dinner/a dump) who only last night dropped the bombshell that male men should never:

a) Wear black shirts (too ‘sleazy’, apparently. Oh.)

b) Wear vests (lest you look ‘camp’, btw. Homophobic-lite, much?)

c) Use ‘manbags’ (who uses the term ‘manbag’ anymore, anywho?)

d) Wear jewellery (bang goes the cockring/bang goes our social life, etc.)


a) Ding-dong, wrong. As anyone knows, it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

b) Care, much?


So, these suits from TopMan. They’re 200 of Her Majesty’s shiniest coins, they’re skinny *points at fat person; shakes finger*, and they come in lots of pretty colours. See! We’d have one in every colour but that’s just silly.



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It’s retro, it’s spective, hold on one cotton-picking moment, it’s a retrospective. By Rankin. But don’t let that put you off.

All hail

Aw, look at Her Gracious and Imperial – and other great stuff – Majesty looking all perky and smiley in a photograph by Rankin. No first name or no surname, just Rankin. Like Twiggy or Lulu or Bagpuss.

The reason we run this picture, apart from pure feelings of respect, devotion, obsession even with Her G&I, is that Rankin – remember him from the last sentence? – is having a restrospective of his greatest hits at the East End’s glittering Truman Brewery. No longer a brewery but still a whole load of fun.

The exhibition runs from 31st July, which is Friday, until September sometime and will feature new works of regular people off the streets (not street people, exactly, just regular people) shot by Rankin on the day and hung immediately. ‘Hung’ *giggles*

For more of the man’s fine fine work – including Kate Moss, Auntie Viv Westy andcetera – jump the jump… (more…)

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