Talk about your Bay of Pigs…

Can we watch?

So this is opening up a can of worms, Nescafé? Or a can of cock, as the case may be.

Basic ‘n’ ally, those sexually liberated Swedes (which ain’t necessarily a good thing. Ulrika-cunt-cunt-cunt Jonsson. Natch.) have come up with a funny little campaign what-cha-ma-chops as part of the Stockholm County Aids Prevention scheme, which in a nutshell (literally) consists of giving away 100,000 numbered condoms – and anyone who gets one of said numbered condoms (and uses it, presumably) can then go to and, you know, show off about it. It’s like a lottery, only without the prizes and without a celebrity whose fame doesn’t even register on the alphabet pressing a big red button whilst sticking their thumbs up and going, ‘Good luck!’ as we simultaneously chirrup, ‘Fuck off!’

And their clever little advertising campaign is suggestive of just the sort of naughty little shenanigans sexually active people can get up to. See above.

*penny farthing drops*

Are they suggesting, ladies and gentlemen and those in-between, that the best man at a wedding could actually be bumming the groom? What would the bride say? What if he’s his brother? What would the neighbours say? Is it a matter for the police? We’ve just had an inkling of what all of this might actually look like!

*white wees*

Aaaaaaand, finit.

ps. Bonus points for anyone who gets the headline…

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  1. I would very much like to watch numbers 6710 at it.

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