Is this nasty, ugly cunt the most powerful woman in fashion? Have you looked at American Vogue recently?


Yes, people, this fur-pimping, spotty-skinned trout here is – according to a new documentary – Madonna.

When it comes to fashion, anyway. And never mind that the magazine she edits – US Vogue – is a pile of dog’s business with not one fresh idea since 1973 when there was a trouser turn-up we were mildly interested in for a second. Just because the mid-Western housewives in their knock-off Var-Vay-toessss are cooing over it, don’t make it fashion, bitch!

Brittle, British (in the worst possible way) and a self-styled cunt, who we don’t think we’ve ever seen wearing anything remotely flattering (body bag would be a great look on her, mind!), Wintour is apparently hanging on by her pearlised fingernails at Vogue. But then again, she was the model for the Meryl Streep character in The Devil Wears Prada and you know how everyone loves real life to turn out like it is in the movies.

And because one good idea in the movies tends to turn into ten more ideas based on that good idea someone has thought that – hold on, shift it back – if everyone loved …Prada, why not make a documentary on the woman the main character was based on! Huh? Good? Right?

So, here’s the trailer. We will be attending the premiere with eggs and rotten tomatoes in our handbags. It’s VERY this season…

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2 comments to “Is this nasty, ugly cunt the most powerful woman in fashion? Have you looked at American Vogue recently?”

  1. Look under ‘Cunt’ in the OED and there’s a picture of her (graphic version of the OED, naturally)

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  2. Body bag is way too hot a look for her. She’s one of those awful people who manages to make everything look bad. Including that shit magazine she looks after.

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