‘Think of the children!’

Gladiator's Hunter has aged a bit since we last saw himOh boo. Just as we were planning to go and have our luncheon to the excitement of watching paint dry a housewife on a plinth, we heard the news that a protestor had got there first.

Yes, Antony Gormey’s ‘Living Sculpture’ business kicks off today, in which chosen members of the public keep lonely Nelson and those lions company by standing atop Trafalgar Sqaure’s fourth plinth for an hour each, 24 hours a day, until 14th October. But house wife lady Rachel ‘without an a’ Wardell was about to straddle the plinth when an anti-smoking protestor jumped atop before her. Really, we’re as against smoking as the next gay, but surely there are bigger things to wave banners about. Like this.

Protesting man’s banner – which he had hand drawn Blue Peter fash – read ‘Save the children. Ban tobacco and actors smoking’. We weren’t aware tobacco could smoke itself. Perhaps it’s a… *drifts off to thoughts of self-sucking, feels back twinge, thinks better of it*.

P.S. – If you want to know if any hot mens are going to be doing their duty in the name of art, toddle your way over to the Guardian interwebbery for a full run-down and helpful description. Thankings and goobye.

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