Stripes are so last year

Get off me!You know how it is, one minute it’s all about the horizontal stripe, then it’s the vertical stripe, and then there’s the diagonal to contend with. And if one isn’t making you look lumpier than Kerry Katona’s thighs, it’s claiming to nip and tuck and suck in places you didn’t even know existed. So how best to avoid all this confuzzlement? Follow in little white tiger Fareeda’s pawprints and ignore stripes altogether. Yay. White is very now too, so it’s a weiner winner all round.

More pics of a pussy nature after la jumpette. One made us giggle and sing a little bit.

Older and slightly more confused…

We're off to see the Wizard Red is so your colour, Fareeda…

Queen of the fore-e-e-e-e-est
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2 comments to “Stripes are so last year”

  1. Oh, cowardly lion/tiger/cheater whatever you are. I heart thee.

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  2. Beyond cute.

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