Single White Female Kylie, Madonna wants her life back now. Please.

Get a life. Quite literally.

Here is Kylie, looking grey and – quite literally – long in the tooth on the latest leg of her Whatever Madonna Does I Will Do Only Less Well campaign, which brings her to a fashion show at Madonna’s old designer, Gaultier. In the sort of underwear-as-outwear (with a hint of a conical bra with concentric stitching) Madonna used to wear in the 90s. If Madonna ever lets her move into a flat with her, we tell you, there’s going to be Bridget Fonda-style trouble.

In unrelated, but equally disturbing, news, Kylie has been voted the Person We’d Most Like To Have Dinner With by the Blind, Deaf and Dumb Society *checks notes* sorry, a survey done by some hokey wine pusher we’ve never heard of.

Honey, we’ve been there. If you should ever have the misfortune to break bread with it, be sure to take an iPod, an XBox and several magazines. It’s the only way you’ll ever stay awake. Think of it as like the red-eye.


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  1. I won’t have it in the house.

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  2. Funnies.

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