David Beckham’s VPL…! Yey!

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And from Duncan James’s stonker of a back bottom-schtupping schlong to David Beckham’s (just David Beckham’s)… here it is in all its (just all its).

*draws outline with forefinger*

Grower? Show-er? Mower?

Question: Does David Beckham shave his legs…? *points at ‘continues’*



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David Beckham's VPL...! Yey!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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3 comments to “David Beckham’s VPL…! Yey!”

  1. Nice angle.

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  2. In answer to your question yes, it looks like he does shave his legs. Lady.

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  3. What’s the name of that wrinkle you get all. The way around. Your. Mouth. ?

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