Death… hooray!

Here foxy foxy, here foxy foxy...

Do-re-mi-fa-so, last night saw the glittering opening of the V&A’s latest exhibition, Telling Tales: Fantasy and Fear in Contemporary Design.


Apart from being dazzled by the delicious champagne flutes (black, made lovely sound when you flicked ’em) and white Jesus tumblers (you know, like on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when they go searching for the baby Jesus’s Ikea mug and the naughty yet naive Germans choose the silky shiny one because they’re naughty and naive whereas the clever Harrison Ford goes for the dirty one made out of the Little Donkey’s back-bottom business because Harrison Ford is American and clever and knew that Jesus is/was/is a humble fellow) that were just that little bit too big to lodge inside of a fitted jacket…

And apart from the nibble-ettes which have inspired us re. a little soireé we may or may not be having this weekend (depending on who’s reading), one of which was the perfect carbs/protein/fat ratio as outlined at a nutrition class we went to last week (wanky, but we’re bumming the teacher person)…

And apart from c) and d), the V&A’s latest exhibition, Telling Tales: Fantasy and Fear in Contemporary Design is quite the cheeeenius exhibition.  

In a KP Nuts shell, it’s designs by European artists inspired by fantasy and fear (well we’ll be buggered!), with quite the death obsession, and the results – furniture, lighting, ceramics, the odd bath, a stuffed fox with golden maggots coming out of his ears (see above) – are quite lovely.

And the exhibition’s free.

And it’s on until 18th October.

And it shouldn’t take you that long to scoot around so you’ll have time for shandy booze and cake at that gorgeous café they have with the massive chandeliers.

*exits stage left; no, right; no, left*  

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  1. I love a little fox. Skanky, but loveable all the same…

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