John Barrowman, enjoying it just a little too much…

Twistin' sista

Here’s old big knob himself, John Barrowman, out minding his own business, maybe popping into Marksies for a few bits, catching up with a friend for a Pret Mochaccino, fingering the fabrics in John Lewis…

Actually, it’s JB, off-of Captain Jack off-of Torchwood, publicising joining La brilliant Cage Aux Folles in the part of Albin. Excitement breaks out!

We know he can sing, we know he can act, we know he has legs that go all the way up to there (and a cock that comes all the way down to here)… so we’re going to take a punt on it. Yes, we are. We love this show, we love him, we love cocks that come down to here (not quite as much as ones that come up to here, but that’s another story) and we love Maltesers.

So, is it a date? 14th September, Playhouse Theatre, London’s glittering West End.


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  1. Perhaps he’ll get run over

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