If you ask yourself one question on this fine day, ask yourself this…

Sex is bad and definitely not fun

In a word, yes they fucking can.

Sex? Human? Right? Good? For? You? Poor Hilary Freeman, whose dried up old flange can’t have been dusted off and shagged since that office party in 1974, can’t possibly believe that those letters and words can appear in the same order.

In what seems like a rather refreshingly realistic (we rolled every one of those ‘r’s and expect you to do the same) sexual health leaflet, Sheffield’s NHS Centre For HIV & Sexual Health has broached the unthinkable subject of safe sex actually being enjoyable. Oh, how irresponsible of them. Because the ‘let’s not talk about it’ approach has worked wonders so far.

Hilary’s reasons as to why this more open ‘European’ approach won’t work? ‘We’re a nation that sniggers at seaside postcards and Benny Hill sketches; we have sex with the lights off.’ *tries to remember a time that we ever did any of those things*

Ah, Daily Maily. Sit yourself down, and take a deep breath. It must be tiring being outraged all the time. Yes, we too are fans of a little ranty panty (that’s why we look at the Daily Mail in the first place – oh, and for the pictures. They have all the bestest and slimiest paps) but really, get some perspective and go out of print. Haven’t you heard? We’re in a recession and print is dead, so why aren’t you?

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4 comments to “If you ask yourself one question on this fine day, ask yourself this…”

  1. Here here (or is it hear hear?) And am I the only one that would bum Tony off-of Skins into see you next Tuesday?

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  2. The Daily Mail attempts to sound conservative, shocked & Victorian but just ends up sounding ‘late 80s America’ & pathetic. I ask again: WHO BUYS THIS SHITE? Because I really don’t know even one person … in London, the Home Counties or beyond … no one’s mum in Yorkshire … nor dad in Lincolnshire … not one person. Who is their audience & readership?

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  3. We all hate the Daily Mail. No argument there. But that’s no excuse for mysoginistic abuse.
    If you had bothered to read beyond the sensational headline, you’d have seen that Hilary Freeman would have been three in 1974. So, unless you’re advocating that toddlers should start having sex, I suggest you learn to add up.
    You also don’t understand that journalists do not write headlines and standfirsts; sub-editors do.
    I do not agree with everything that Hilary says, but she makes some good points. It saddens me that we have can no longer engage in debate but instead have to resort to name-calling and (in this case) woman-hating abuse. By so doing, you are descending to the level of the Mail itself.
    Print isn’t dead, incidentally; and if this is the standard of virtual debate, I hope it never will be.

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  4. Hello dear. I don’t think they actually THINK Hilary Freeman was attending office parties in 1974 – it’s called suggestive irony and was merely to make a point. I find it so tired then when someone/anyone criticises a woman, it’s instantly mysogynist. It’s hardly women-hating, merely Daily Mail writer-hating. I warrant they’d be just as hating on the person who wrote this rancid Mail piece had they have been a man. Oh, and the head and/or standfirst are virtually irrelevant… it’s the subject matter I’m most offended by.  It’s
    And it’s a much more sophisticated (and hilarious) debate than the DAily Mail could ever muster.

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