‘Oops, we had a accident’

Nice legs, shame about the poo

We were going to go for a Jenny From The Plops title, but then we realised that not only was that utter shit , it would in fact give away what lady legs were standing so knock-kneed over some neatly placed poo-poo.

Clue – Her first name is Jennifer. She is never knowingly not on the cover of a magazine not talking about Brad and Angelina. She has a surname – it is Aniston. *light bulb moment* Oh, it’s Jennifer Aniston. But why she go toiley on the pavement?

'I didn't do it' 

She didn’t silly! It’s dirt from the back bottom of a dog. There Rachel off-of Friends was a-posing like the famous that she is, and a passing dog came by and did his inappropriate business. *swallows little bit of sick*

Our favourite part of this story isn’t the dog, the old lady, or that flawless tan, but the fact that Janiston actually went down on bended knee to help the old lady dog owner clean up the messy mess. Aww, it’s the little things, people, the little things.Thankings to Just Jared for this breaking news.

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  1. Ahh, lidl doggy

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  2. The poo looks more like a rock. I wonder what the dog had eaten.

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