Eeny, meeny, miny, ‘mo…

Ooh, fisticuffs at teatime

There we were not watching Hollyoaks and being irritated by our housemate’s toenail picking when the phone rang and delivered news of a bare-chested nature.

Acting on instruction we grasped the remote from the clutches of the aforementioned creature and switched to Hollyoaks on E4, where we were delighted to see two grown men grappling on the floor – all ripped or hench or whatever it is the kids say nowadays. So, as feeders of all that is gay we made it our daily mish-mash to find pictures of these shirtless mens for your consumption, and ladies and gennels and undecideds and inbetweeners, we have accomplished just that. Enjoy…

Solid as a rock *does Tina* Put 'em up, big boy Bend over and just try to relax... Oof.

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  1. Cums over a queer…

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  2. Definitely the second one down. Grr.

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