Love her, love him, don’t love this.


She is pop’s cheekiest princess (unless you count a lot of pop’s other cheeky princesses), he is the Kaiser of fashion (who we found to be lovely when we hung out with him: even started sending us presents, for which we sent delightful little Holly Hobby thank you notelettes), together they are Lily Allen and Karl Lagerfield. And together they have come up with this bit of no sense nonsense.

Holly Golightly meets Paris Hilton while on a shopping trip on Rodeo Drive with a knock-off Chanel bag, which – controversially – is actually a real Chanel bag masquerading (and it’s not often you hear that word outside a lame Madonna song) as a knock-off Chanel bag.

Pop will eat itself but we’ve had an ample sufficiency so we’ll pass.

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