Tony Ward: ‘I think a young man with a hard-on standing on top of a rock is beautiful.’

Tony off-of Ward

Personally we can give or take the rock, but the rest we’ll give, take, top or bottom for. We’d even versatile for if versatile was a ‘doing word’.

But Tony Ward off-of Madonna (wonder how much he hates that. Maybe not a lot) has come a long way since sitting in a PVC costume watching OGL go all lezzer in Justify My Love, which let’s face it is good work if you get (off on) it. And here he is with his hand down his pants (shift over, ma’am) and someone handing him a fag (off-of cigarillo).

Oh and sidebar yes we have interviewed Tony Ward and yes he was the smelliest man we ever met. It was BO, not even ‘my top didn’t have time to dry off properly hence wet dog’. Not even fresh from the gym and a little bit funky. Full on O du B with top notes of we know what you were doing last night.

And on a lighter note, here’s Tony ‘The Ward’ Ward in a white jumpsuit with quite enjoyable VPL, as shot by Hugh Lippe (great name much?) for Contributing Editor, and from whence that little hard-on tit-bit came from. S’true.

We wear ours down The Joiners ALL the time...
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3 comments to “Tony Ward: ‘I think a young man with a hard-on standing on top of a rock is beautiful.’”

  1. What a potty mouth on it.

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  2. I’d do him, but he’d need to wash first.

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  3. he grabs it like he has a big ting but once i got to the white jumpsuit i was like WHERED IT GO WHERED IT GO? LOL

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