Best line from a movie so far this year is…

The mouth on it!

…From Fish Tank, a chav-tastic tale of lame hip-hop dancing, verbally abusive teenagers, underage sex and, well, shouting.

Picture the scene. Our heroine Mia is shouting up to the council flat balcony of her best friend Kelly where Kelly’s dad is rocking a dirty vest and some trackie bottoms. ‘Oi, can you give Kelly a message from me?’ shouts Mia. ‘Can you tell her her old man’s a cunt?’

So, what do you need to know about Fish Tank apart from the fact that you really do need to go and see it when it comes out, especially if you are partial to a ‘pikey’ (their words, not ours) heavily tattooed with no shirt on? It’s by Andrea Arnold, it’s set among the white working classes of Barking, and it’s the touching/hilarious/scary/weird story of a 15-year-old girl bent on seducing her white trash mother’s boyfriend.

It won the Jury Award at Cannes, which is a pretty big deal in the world of pretty big deals, and we predict pretty big things for Katie Jarvis (Mia), who was apparently discovered by a casting director who heard her giving her boyfriend a right royal bollocking on a mobile phone.

A work of pure genius, five stars etc. Can we now get featured on the poster?

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3 comments to “Best line from a movie so far this year is…”

  1. Love. It.

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  2. Cunt really is a magical word.

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  3. Oh, I’m glad someone’s seen this because it’s been getting mixed reviews. And I do like a chav. And a pikey.

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