Someone’s not afraid of colour!

Lower, just a little lower

Can there be a prettier sight than a stack of Indian cushions made from almost day-glo sari fabric? Yes, a naked man sprawled on a stack of Indian cushions made from… Oh, you’ve got that joke by now.

No need to bang on about much (apart from, we know he’s in the best abs pose – leaning up to engage them two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, work that body, etc. but how would you have so little body fat? We’ve not had so much as a yogurt since 1973 and we’re still not ‘showing’ like this), just another fantastic Fantasticsmag shoot.

And yes, there are more over the jumpsy…

Who's sari now, and other great headlines you might expect to find in Grazia magazine Do not stain that fabric. Come on and jump to the beat. Jump!

All these and more can be found round about…. here.

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3 comments to “Someone’s not afraid of colour!”

  1. oh geez…great body but whats up with the hair Justin Guarini anyone….?

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  2. Oh the hair is horrible! He will have to wear a hat when we are going at it on the pillows. Looks like he is curly down below as well.

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  3. I quite like him. Is he a bottom into Big Bunnies? :-p

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