Is this the face of the devil? According to the Daily Mail it probably is.

Out satan!

Can you think of anything more damaging to young minds than thinking for themselves? The Daily Cunt can’t.

The Daily Mail is up in (bingo-winged) arms about a new ‘Atheist Camp’, run by – wait for it! – people who don’t believe in the little baby Jesus. Yes, that’s right. People who also do not believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden are being given access to our kids! Why not sell them into prostitution and be done with it, right?

Called Camp Quest – which stands for Question (devil!) Understand (not on our watch!) Explore (pure evil!) Search (what for? The AntiChrist?) and Test (what? Drugs? Bum sex?) – the summer camp is there to let kids decide for themselves what they think is true, whether they think God is likely, look at fossils (plainly the devil’s own work) and perform in Satanic rituals such as rafting and building camp fires.

But let the Daily Cunt support faith schools while getting their dirty knickers in a twist over a bit of harmless fun in the country… until the first atheist bombs a bus, we know which side of the line we stand.

*bends knee, spits host out of mouth, storms out slamming church door*

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3 comments to “Is this the face of the devil? According to the Daily Mail it probably is.”

  1. I love how they complain that Ms Stein was ‘given prominent airtime right across the BBC network’. God forbid. And if it really is little more than an attempt to indocrinate children with atheist views, closing their minds to all forms of organised religion, as some fiction-believing nutters ‘fear’, then surely that’s the best thing anyone with mousey hair has done in a long time. I take my pants off to her.

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  2. She looks strawberry blonde to me, Pilar, if not bordering on ginger. Are those the kinds of people you want around the nation’s children? Hmmm?

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  3. Bernard, I rushed in with a knee-jerk reaction. I now see that she is in fact a ginger nut and therefore should be punish-ed. Red hair is the work of the Devil.

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