Is this the funniest man in the UK?

Dick.In a word, not a fucking chance.

Forget kiddy fiddlers, The Crunch and the piggy sniffles, the most disturbing news we’ve heard so far this year is that Michael McIntyre’s ‘Live and Laughing’ DVD has become the fastest-selling comedy debut of all time. And then there’s his tour. 300,000 tickets sold apparently… and we weren’t aware there was even a good venue in the Sellafield area.

What in the name of all things Haribo is his appeal? Brits have always been proud of their unique sense of humour – ok, we didn’t quite get the whole Monty Python thing, but then we also don’t know every single line to Withnail and I, or wet wee ourselves at the mere sight of John Cleese – but we consider ourselves to know good comedy when we see it and Michael McIntyre ain’t it. If you find observational comedy circa 1974 about traffic jams, the perils of shopping with one’s wife, and – get this – the difficulties of assembling a flat pack wardrobe at all funny, then yes this is the talentless numpty for you.

And to top it all off he has a public school boy face we just might print off and punch. We urge you to do the same. Or maybe wear it, Loose Women styley. Good morrow.

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2 comments to “Is this the funniest man in the UK?”

  1. He is a talentless carbuncle on the face of British comedy.

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  2. i always think he looks like an eskimo in a suit. plus curieuse.

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