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We know you don’t really need any fashion advice. In the most stereotypical of sentiments, back-bottom loving gays and style go cock in hand. But while we know you don’t need any help, we thought you might be innerested in the re-print of Hardy Amies’ ABC of Men’s Fashion.

Originally published in 1964, Hardy penned this ultimate guide to mens fash in between writing a column in Esquire and dressing the Queen. Maybe that 8 tonnes of luggage was his doing?! But what were his words of wisdom and do they still apply today? Well… He was a fan of a slipper, especially a velvet one, but didn’t enjoy a bow-tie, saying, ‘They can arouse some kind of resentment at first meeting of a new acquaintance.’ ‘Strue. We threw our V&T over the last bow-tie wearing ‘character’ that swung our way.

But whether or not short sleeve shirts or socks and sandals are ever acceptable, this book is another pretty coffee table purchase c/o the V&A and you know how we j’adore the V&A.

Oh and ooh, ABC of Men’s Fashion by Hardy Amies is out in September. Bysey-bye.


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