‘Twitter is gay’. Oh hooray!

Please leaveWe know what we got up to with our personal social networking tool (read ‘penis’) this weekend, but other social networking tool Twitter was apparently also up to some back-bottom business of note. At least according to Kid Rock (see twatter.com up there) who, when asked by Rolling Stone what he thought of Twitter, burped, ‘It’s gay’.

Really? Twitter? A microblogging website? Gay? As in, is in favour of, and sometimes even partakes of, a little same-sex coitus? Well, why didn’t anybody tell us sooner?! We’ve become bored of the bi-ways and tri-ways of the Facebooks and Myspaces. Give us full-on gayer any day of the week. We’re going to be tweeting so hard it will chafe.  

Oh, and lest we forget… Kid Rock? Cunt.     


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  1. Different person has different style.My black friends on the page, ~~~blackcentury. c~om ~~~~, also have their own style.And they live a happy life .We can’t comment anyone because we are different.

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