So many dead celebs, so few magazine covers…

Who's that girl?

Now as much as we loved Farrah in Charlies Angels and… erm, something where she gets raped, we do not somehow think she’s on a par with Dame Michael Jackson of, well, plenty of things. The Wiz for one. So, why oh whyfore have Vanity Fair put him on one cover and her on another? Could it be that in America there is a very large section of people who would not never ever, not even while under the influence of drink/drugs/more drink buy a magazine cover with Micky J on it?


Now while these multiple covers are usually created to sucker fans (Time Out puts out four covers, one with each member of Take That knowing that while regular readers of Time Out don’t give a flying fig roll for Take That there are plenty of slightly overweight housewives in Nine West shoes who will go out and buy all four), we think that in the case of VF they knew no one would buy Michael but it would look pretty weird to have just the artist formerly known as FFM when they died the same day. But maybe that’s just us. Personally, we’ll be going for the Michael. No, the Farrah. No, the Michael…

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  1. She’s my sister, she’s my daughter, she’s my sister…

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