Robbie’s back! Care we? Care we not?

Bend over, saucy!

Here he is! The prodigal Take Thatter. Back in chunky knits. With an album. Called Reality Killed the Video Star on 9/11 (that’s the ninth of the eleventh, ie 9th November, so nothing spooky), preceded by a single called ‘Bodies’ on 12th October.

It’s produced by one Trevor Horn who, although we j’adore him and his work with Grace Jones, Frankie Goes To… and of course Dollar, we would say he’s not been that on it of late. His Lisa Stansfield collaboration was her lowest selling album of all time. But then, that’s Lisa Stansfield *is slapped by a big Lisa Stansfield fan who has somehow infiltrated the office while security was out buying pop socks*

Here is a ‘charming’ video of the ‘cheeky’ chap who we still can’t decide if we want to slap or schtupp. Or slap while schtupping. There’s nothing like compromise. See the video here. No here. No here.

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3 comments to “Robbie’s back! Care we? Care we not?”

  1. Smoking? In the promo video. Really? 2009?

    *puts on bell bottoms, heads back to 1978 Stoke On Trent*

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  2. I’m bored of him before he’s even started.

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  3. He has no lips to speak of. I don’t trust a man with no lips to speak of.

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