The hairy angel given a glamorous makeover becomes… the hairy angel in an expensive dress


Susan Boyle, the woman variously known as Britain’s Got Talent’s Susan Boyle, SuBo, the Hairy Angel, Jimmy Cranky and that mad Scotch woman off-of telly has had a glamour make-over from Harper’s Bazaar, though quite what the intersection between the snooty Louboutin-ed up readers of HB and SuBo is, we’re quite at a loss to fathom.

But wow, what a makeover! They brushed her hair a bit, wiped the sick off the front of her, removed 85% of her eyebrows leaving a narrow three-inch thick curve and even put on a bit of lipstick, administered from the end of a very long pole so those posh bitches who work on the magazine wouldn’t have to get anywhere near her.

As the patronising woman off-of Harper’s said on telly – the only reason for this shoot being to get on telly – ‘She’s very down-to-earth [read ‘common’] with a lovely Scottish laugh [read ‘cackle’].’

Grazia, having been beaten to the jump on the whole SuBo make-over story are running with ‘SuBo spotted on the moon.’ Well, it has become the National Enquirer for a whole new generation of stupid, ‘fashion’-obsessed girls.

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2 comments to “The hairy angel given a glamorous makeover becomes… the hairy angel in an expensive dress”

  1. SCREAMS PR opportunity…

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  2. Where is her cat PEBBLES? Did Pebbles like seeing mommy all dressed up? When will the next meltdown be? Could it please be live – How about the Royal Variety Performance infront of the Queen? Maybe should could call Prince Phillip something rude. It’s not her the CAT made her say it.

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