Go on, snog him…

Kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy kissy...

Mais, what is this picture of Ben Barnes off-of Prince Caspain or Casper the Ghost or Ghost or Watership Down or one of those, and Colin Firth off-of rolled out for any lame part that needs an English accent and non-threatening ‘good’ looks, doing almost lip-locked? Could it be a homosexual liaison of the gay kind? Could it be a gay liaison of the bumming kind? Could it be none of the above yet all of it? At the same time?

Yes, no and bien sur. For ’tis a still (look at us, deep down ‘n’ dirty with the lingo. Didn’t go to a very posh university with a whole load of twats for nothing) from the new moving picture version of Dorian Gray, as hinted at a while back. The trailer for which is after the jump.

And if anyone needs an explanation of who/what/where/when/ho/mo/ Dorian Gray is – like the person amongst whose company we made a ‘there must be a picture of him in an attic somewhere’ quip regarding a certain gennelman’s youthful appearance only to be met with a glazed look and subsequently a slap for being frankly stupid – then, you know, really. Honestly, really. *shakes finger; eats a fairy cake*

So anyway, there you go. It’s out in the autumn, it looks very exciting, Ben Barnes’s hair looks a treat, and we’ll so go and see it because we do love a Victorian romp with homosexual undertones. And c) and d).


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2 comments to “Go on, snog him…”

  1. For some reason I always thought Dorian Gray was a blond. Not that it really matters but I am a bit of a pedant when it comes to matters such as these.

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  2. OOh, I’m not dissimilar in the mornings before Touche Eclat and Dior Flashlight have worked their magic.

    *turns to face world, world is blinded by light-reflecting Nadine Baggot-style particles*

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