Is this the Naked Chef’s (fat, wobbly) naked arse?

Not right now, thanks.

Probably not, but we needed a headline.

Or maybe it is…! *calls Nancy Drew*

Nancy Drew says let’s meet beside the creek in a half hour to discuss further, but we said we can’t be fucked, call back when you’re less self-obsessed. So instead, these are our options (including a little explanatory polyfiller):

– This is a video-ette to promote a new telly-me-box series for Jamie Oliver aka the Naked Chef aka round of face.

– Deep withinside this new series of his, called ‘Jamie’s American Road Trip’ (catchy!), he goes to the US and A to, well, cook we presume.

– Then he comes back having taken on all the personalities of the Village People. Well if you’re not careful…

– Hence and therefore, one of ’em is the one in the leather chaps, and at the end of the video presentation you see all of ’em walking away, including the one in the leather chaps – with his dirty ass hanging out! And it ain’t a pretty dirty ass.

– So, the question on everybody’s lips is… gonna be Roxy Is it Jamie Oliver’s saggy bott, or merely that of an actor?

Who can say? Who can say? Who can say?

The end.

Oh, so if you want to see said promotional video presentation – it may change your life, though in all likelihood it won’t – go here thank you please and goodnight.

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2 comments to “Is this the Naked Chef’s (fat, wobbly) naked arse?”

  1. Some people find this man attractive. I absolutely under any circumstances do not.

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  2. I once made a salad that Jamie made on one of his shows. Just the once, mind.

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