Milk in the Park? How rude!


Anyone who’s anyone – and quite a few people who are frankly no one at all – will be down in Vauxhall this Saturday. Nothing strange in that, you’re thinking. Only this time, they will be down there during daylight hours. Oh yes.

For this Saturday is the inaugural Milk in the Park, a mini-festival where gay disco and movies and drinks and politics – yes, politics! – join hand in hand and do ‘The Hustle’ and maybe even a quick ‘Bump (With No Big Fat Woman)’. And we’re not talking about headliner Candi Staton (that’s Stay-Ton, pronunciation-wise), because that would be rude.

Hostessed by one Jonny Woo (him up there) in Spring Gardens from 1pm with the most glittering of soundtracks provided by Horse Meat Disco, big screens will be showing movies like Paris Is Burning, The Life and Times of Harvey Milk and The Celluloid Closet and Tonker will be hostessing (while pretending to host without the ‘ess’) the Bears in the Wood bar. There’ll be a Carpet Burn tent playing 80s indie, a Deep Inside tent for your deep house listening pleasure and the DJing likes of Tasty Tim, Readers Wifes and Luke Howard.

Expect drunken madness, athletics in the shape and form of the world’s first Tranny Netball Tournement, dancing, shouting, laughing, someone getting off with someone else’s boyfriend, that someone else not caring because he secretly was over it and had his eye on his upstairs neighbour, Candi Staton, the works.

Go here to find out times and places, outfit ideas and a list of cocktails.

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