Michael Jackson makes first and final appearance in a Pedro Almodóvar movie


Oh wait. That’s not Michael Jackson, it’s Penelope (pronounced as in Antelope) Cruz (pronounced as in Tom) off-of Probably the Most Beautiful Beard in the World™.

There we were a-wandering along the tube platform, silently racing the person next to us (and winning might we add) when we saw what we thought was a tragically old poster of Michael Jackson’s This Is It tour – the title of which still makes us laugh just a little bit *Ooh, ahh a little bit more*

But then we clocked that the writing on the poster read Broken Embraces which would’ve furrowed our confused brow if it could furrow, and with horror we realised that said freak show pictured was not MJ, but Penelope Cruz, star of aforementioned film, at which point we recoiled in horror only to bump into a very well-dressed man who gave us a little fanny tingle, so it wasn’t all bad.

To see exactly how exactly the same the poster is, jump the jumpette. It’s a lady you know.

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2 comments to “Michael Jackson makes first and final appearance in a Pedro Almodóvar movie”

  1. She ‘as de voice of Speedy Gonzales. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37Q5cDj1zL4&feature=related

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  2. Really doesn’t make me want to see the film. But I will anyway. I loves me an Almodovar.

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